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Our Story

Struggle Skateboards was started in New York City in 1999 by the big apples very own Michael “Zed” Zhang and California master board craftsman Jim Dishion. Together they manufactured Struggle Skateboards and had a distribution warehouse in Fullerton,Ca. Their goal was to create an East Coast/ West Coast combined brand taking flavors from both sides of the United States. "The Struggle" as a brand name came about from Michael "Zed" Zhangs love for New York rap scene and the Notorious B.I.G. "Juicy" song where the term "The Struggle" is used in the lyrics. In the years following the brands inception Struggle Skateboards would eventually introduce real skateboarders active in the skate industry to represent the brand to the world. The first pro skater signed to skate for Struggle Skateboards would be Ruben Najera in the early 2000’s era and he would be given Team manager position and recruitment duties as well and through him we would have legendary skateboarders Tyrone Olson, and pro skater Anthony Johnson we would even have some amazing future stars like world champion Diego Najera. Throughout the past two decades Struggle Skateboards has been in over 400 retailers in the United States with also distribution in Mexico and a mass distribution in Asia. Our brand has been featured in Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher magazine, and we have sponsored over 150 skateboarders through time. For skaters by skaters is our motto. Please send us a message for business inquiries pertaining to distribution in your country or in your store.



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